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This will enable the option to export the Slider Markups to copy/paste it directly into websites.
Insert something in it and it will be used instead of (For example: which will also work for chinese visitors)
Desktop Grid Width
Notebook Grid Width
Tablet Grid Width
Mobile Grid Width
Define the default Grid Sizes for devices: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Enable/Disable ThemePunch Notifications in the Admin Notice bar.
Enable console logs for debugging.
Force the Activation Area to show up if the Theme disabled it.
Enable option to automatically create a Blank Page if a Slider Pack is installed.
Enable option to automatically create a Blank Page if a Single Slider is installed.
Set environment mode to development. It displays errors in this mode.
Show / hide backtrace on PHP error page.
Sets level of logging to be logged to /application/logs
Use PclZip, instead of ZipArchive. Can help in case of problems with import and update features.
Force creation of Slider Revolution database structure to fix table issues that may occur for example at the Slider creation process.

Update Preload Fonts

Set this option on how to handle Google Fonts: - Load from Google: will include fonts from Google Server. - Preload from Google: will download used fonts from Google Server and store them on your installation. - Disable: No fonts will be loaded, please include them yourself.

Save Settings

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